N.P.T.C Qualifications Explained

(City & Guilds National Proficiency Test Council)

Ground Based Units Staff At J.H. Tree Services Hold.

Unit 201 previously CS30.1 – Maintenance of the chainsaw (Level 2).
Unit 202 Previously CS30.2 – On-Site Preparation and Cross Cutting (Level 2).
Unit 203 Previously CS31 – Fell and Process Trees (200-380mm)(Level 2).

Aerial Rescue Units Staff At T.H Tree Services Hold

Unit 206 Previously CS38 Unit 1 – Climb a Tree (Level 3)
Unit 306 Previously CS38 Unit 2 – Conduct Aerial Rescue (Level 3)

Aerial Tree Units Staff At T.H Tree Services Hold

Unit 308 Previously CS39 – Use of a Chainsaw from a Rope and Harness ( Level 3)

Stump Grinder & Wood chipper (Lantra Certified)

Wood chipper certified & trained staff
Stump Grinder Certified & trained staff